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3D Printing

Learn about our 3D Printing services.

3D Printing


3D Printing, also known as “Three Dimensional Printing” is key to the success of Covalent. We rapidly prototype and design new products in days, not months.  Our entire team feels as if they were born to possess such technologies and make constant personal strides, through trial and error… perspiration and sweat.  It’s not easy to bring any idea to life, but we try through great vigor and resolve to bring forth tomorrow’s ideas, today.

Lean more about Why we chose 3D printing as a core technology of Covalent Reality.

We Design Products

Our amazing engineers constantly push the limits of what they can do by building, evolving and prototyping their products into sheer existence. They take feedback from the community to work on their designs & to improve upon their iterations.

Design a Product!

We Prototype Your Ideas

We make your ideas a reality.  Do you have a dream product you think is worth making real?  Our engineers can help you bring your ideas to life by working with you to bring a real product to your door.

Build a Prototype!

Case Studies

We have a variety of current projects in the 3D printing space.  Some with short turn-around and a few with much longer aspirations.  We take a very serious approach towards continuing education for our team.


View some of our amazing projects:

  • Prosthetic Hand Case Study (How 3D printing can be used in the prosthesis community.)
  • Lightweight Armor Case Study (High-impact, low-weight armor. Mathematically built from the ground up.)
  • Architectural Case Study ( A look a how 3D printing is disrupting this industry.)

Got a patent? This is your next step. Let us make your idea real.

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$299 USD non-refundable project deposit required.

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