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Virtual Events

Host your next conference virtually

Host your own event!

Easily start your own conference, tradeshow or workshop!

Our platform allows for 30+ users to simultaneously traverse your virtual world, where you can host live events and much more!  We can help you design the perfect virtual world for your organization.  Give your prospects the ability to meet in a world that fosters your culture and creates lasting connections.

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Cross-Platform Capable

Our Virtual Reality platform allows VR users to participate alongside PC and Mac users simultaneously!

Not all VR is made equally.  We put the time and effort in required to make sure your virtual world works seamlessly on all the major computing platforms.

Live Experiences

Immerse your audience with unique live streams and experiences within a virtual environment.

We can help you create live experiences that help bring live content such as live streams, workshops, and training right into the virtual environment. The possibilities are endless!

Schedule a free consultation with us today!

With a free 30 min consultation, we can help scope your project and help get you started with this new frontier!  We will ask you questions to help narrow down your idea and then we can help outline your project and help you determine the best way forward.

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