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Virtual Reality for Education

Immerse, Teach & Retain

Immerse, Teach & Retain.

60% of those who train using virtual reality remember what they learned weeks after training.

We help educational institutions train their students utilizing the latest XR technology available to the market.  We build simulated training environments where students can be immersed, train and retain information.

VR-Dude_BlogVirtual Reality (VR) promises to bring a fresh approach to learning by “immersing” students in real content. “Immerse” is the key word here because immersive experiences create memory and inspire action by appealing to all the senses. Because VR ignites all our senses, it provides interactive and “immersive” experiences that engage learners and creates a more powerful and lasting memory, which affects our learning.

(Read our full article on : How Virtual Reality Impacts Our Learning Through Emotions

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Can VR Promote Retention?
Learning Through Emotions

The relationship between virtual reality and emotions and learning

How will VR affect the relationship between learning and emotions? VR can emotionally change and enhance learning, at least, in two ways: tricking the brain and enabling the social interaction.

VR-Dude_Blog2One of the VR promises is to replace and amplify real experiences with guided ones so that real world aspects can be replicated in a fully interactive fashion. The immersive nature of VR captures and holds your attention in such a way that VR makes one feel you are inside the simulated world, even your brain perceives you are actually there; this perception ignites your limbic system and cortex. Once your limbic system and cortex are activated, one tends to remember information or experience when they are perceived in a context. In other words, our memories are contextual. Contextual memory helps us recall the information during closely related events in the real world or in a simulation. Once you are emotionally engaged, and your brain believes that you are there, it changes your mood and strengthens your memory. That’s exactly what VR brings to the table.

We help educators create immersive solutions.

We transform their digital presence through:

We help our clients develop a clear understanding of their objectives/goals as a entity and how they will intertwine with their digital strategy.

We help you evaluate your digital maturity (in-house resources including personnel, systems and applications).

We help our clients create result based recommendations and create a prioritized roadmap.

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