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Virtual Reality for Enterprise

Immerse, Train & Retain

We design and build bespoke XR experiences for the enterprise.

We help enterprise clients train their workforce utilizing the latest XR technology available to the market.  We build simulated training environments where participants can be immersed, train and retain.

VR allows individuals to test, experience, and maneuver in situations that are related to their field of work. Through VR, corporations are beginning to see a more employee-centered approach to training and leading.

A wide array of environments can fluctuate, change, and develop in a positive way due to the use of virtual reality. Furthermore, Covalent strives to reach a variety of clients from different scopes and fields.  By doing this, Covalent will bring to life the possibilities and dreams of our clients. Covalent will push the boundaries of VR technologies while providing new and exciting avenues for businesses.

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New Industry Standards
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Current VR Hardware

VR allows employees to enhance the memory and adjust to new environments. Familiarity and comfort play a vital role to the proficiency and memory of an individual. Hence, the ability to add and subtract factors allows a new recruit to learn properly in focused environment and progress at their own pace.

The ability to understand and put procedures into motion is crucial. Hence, the incorporation of VR may allow a different style of learning to increase understanding and exercise the task. The repetition of a task and immediate report on performance allows a user to automatically define their strengths and weaknesses.

As previously stated in training, the ability to repeat and receive feedback immediately, can have impact on worker proficiency. VR allows new recruits and current employees to refine their work. Subsequently, immediate feedback allows a new recruit to refine and enhance their performance before hitting the factory floor. VR can provide a higher proficiency. Refinement of skills can even conceive a higher level of production.

Factories and manufacturing plants contain a variety of factors that can cause harm. For a new recruit to be on the floor, it can become a lot to remember and watch for. With VR, employees would be able to train their mind and body in the event of an emergency and dangerous situation properly. Protocol is important to follow in those instances. VR allows employees to be more cautious and aware of their surroundings during events.

We help enterprises and B2B clients.

We transform their digital presence through:

We help our clients develop a clear understanding of their objectives/goals as a entity and how they will intertwine with their digital strategy.

We help you evaluate your digital maturity (in-house resources including personnel, systems and applications).

We help our clients create result based recommendations and create a prioritized roadmap.

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