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Virtual Reality for Institutions

Immerse, Train & Retain

We work closely to develop XR experiences for institutions.

60% of those who train using virtual reality remember what they learned weeks after training.

We help instititions train their workforce utilizing the latest XR technology available to the market.  We build simulated training environments where participants can be immersed, train and retain.

VR allows people to train in dangerous and methodical activities before performing the act in real life. Hence, it is important to praise the advances that are occurring within the field of VR and recognize how it is permeating into different industries.

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New Industry Standards
Equipment Instructions for Frontline Workers - Click for larger photo
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Current VR Hardware

We help institutions and government agencies.

We transform their digital presence through:

We help our clients develop a clear understanding of their objectives/goals as a entity and how they will intertwine with their digital strategy.

We help you evaluate your digital maturity (in-house resources including personnel, systems and applications).

We help our clients create result based recommendations and create a prioritized roadmap.

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