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Employees in VR courses can be trained up to four times faster

US employees typically spend only 1% of their workweek on training and development, so employers need to be sure that they use that time productively. That’s where VR can help.

VR learners are more confident in applying what they’re taught

When learning soft skills, confidence is a key driver of success. In difficult circumstances, such as having to give negative feedback to an employee, people generally wish they could practice handling the situation in a safe environment. With VR, they can.

Employees are more emotionally connected to VR content

People connect, understand, and remember things more deeply when their emotions are involved. Simulation-based learning in VR gives individuals the opportunity to feel as if they’ve had a meaningful experience.

VR learners are more focused

Today’s learners are often impatient, distracted, and overwhelmed. Many learners will not watch a video for its duration, and smartphones are a leading cause of interruption and distraction.

With VR learning, users are significantly less distracted. In a VR headset, simulations and immersive experiences command the individual’s vision and attention. There are no interruptions and no options to multitask.

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