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VR Training

Learn better through muscle memory and contextual experiences.

Real-time Collaboration

Put on a headset and instantly share a virtual workspace with anyone, anywhere.

Somethings you just can’t do on a Zoom call.  Virtual Reality allows for a true sense of immersion with your team.  Remember what it was like to be in the same room together?  We can give your team that sense, at every meeting, no matter where they are in the world.
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VR Training Benefits

Did you know VR is proving to be a hit with training?

Major brands, including multiple Fortune 500 companies, are using VR for training and seeing incredible results.
  • Boeing: 40% Productivity Improvement
  • UPS: 75% Learner Retention Rate
  • Tyson Foods: 20% YoY Drop in Injuries & Illness
  • Walmart: 15% Increased Test Scores
  • United Technologies: 40% Reduction in On-boarding Time
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The Advantages of VR Training

There are many reasons why VR can be advantageous when compared with carrying out training activities in the “real world.”

  • Simulate dangerous or risky situations within a controlled environment
  • Perform soft skills training without requiring the involvement of patients or actors
  • Train students across various locations without the need for travel
  • Create learning scenarios that are difficult or impossible to replicate easily
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Import and Play YouTube Videos
Display your media for everyone in the room!

Other Benefits

  • Fail without cost or consequence
  • Record and review training
  • Capture data. Such as where a student looks first, the amount of time spent on certain activities, or whether proper steps were followed for a given task or activity
  • Identify trends based upon aggregate performance data to adjust and improve the focus of training activities and classroom review
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