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Why 3D Printing?

We invest in technologies that are future proof.

How did we get started in 3D printing?

It all begins with a story.  I have been passionate about 3D printing since the late 90’s and it wasn’t until the first part of the current decade that the technology seemed reachable.  As the desktop 3D printing market grew, I began to see the possibilities and began formulating my ideas for what would now become Covalent.  This is only the beginning, so sit tight and enjoy the ride!  

 – Covalent Founder Thomas Jackson

How do we see things moving forward?

Rapidly.  The 3D Printing market will continue to grow in size and complexity . As the technologies continue to get better, so will we.  We strive to harness the power of today’s technologies to build better products and seamless experiences for our clients.

 What’s next in 3D printing for Covalent?

  • Pushing the limits of Material Science.
  • Designing, Printing, Testing, Testing again, Using, Analyzing, Uploading, Repeating.
  • True End-to-End User Experience Testing.
  • Researching Community 3D printing recycling efforts for potential proposal.
  • Working with local high-schools and colleges in 3D printing in the classrooms.

“Stay tuned!  We are just warming up…” –  Covalent Founder Thomas Jackson

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