SportsAbility VR Park

An inclusive virtual reality recreation park designed just for you!

We helped Florida Disabled Outdoor Association build a virtual park in which they can provide everyone a way to experience active leisure in a safe “virtual” way, in the hopes that it will encourage exploration and active leisure in the “real world”.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

What we provided:

3D Modeling

  • Unity Development

  • PC, Mac, and VR Cross-Compatibility

  • Brand Integration

  • Maintenance and Support

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Featured in the news

Our story was recently featured by WTXL’s Emmy Nominated Channing James; as he takes you through a tour of SportsAbility Park.

““My mom, we dreamed about this,” Jackson shared. “She was in hospice with cancer and in bed. She was a big believer in VR and what it could be. To be able to escape the pressure of the everyday. If anything, COVID proved to me the power of this technology.”

View Full Article on WTXL’s Website Here

3D Modeling & Environment Design

We first sat out to design the perfect nature-inspired environment. One that would be large enough for all of the desired locations and experiences within the park.  We then worked with the SportsAbility team to identify key assets that they wanted in the park.  We designed a custom front entrance, a custom event deck, for hosting events, and several prominent signs for marketing displays, and more!

Unity Development

We designed our park in the Unity development engine.  It’s one of the most flexible and robust game engines on the planet and has a variety of tools and plugins available to make the most of your VR project!

PC, Mac & VR Compatibility

Not all VR is made equally. Our Virtual Reality platform allows VR users to participate alongside PC and Mac users simultaneously!   We put the time and effort in required to make sure your virtual world works seamlessly on all the major computing platforms.

Brand Integration

It was very important to our clients that they be able to incorporate real marketing materials and collateral into the virtual world.  We designed custom signs throughout the park, so visitors could get real and up-to-date information on the association with minimal effort on their end.

Maintenance & Support

What good is a virtual world if it never changes?  Maintenance and support were always on the mind of our client, from the outset. We designed the park specifically to be easy to update where needed and continue to provide maintenance and support on an annual basis