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Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality also referred to as “VR” is key to the success of Covalent Reality.  We as a team strive to understand everything required to recreate reality as we know it.

Our team consists of designers, engineers, programmers, and artists that all work towards building the most immersive and engaging Virtual Reality experiences possible.

View our portfolio of  VR Projects

We Build For VR

Now the time has finally come, consumer hardware is here and we are ready.  Not all experiences are created equal, we recognize the need for great content. We work closely with our partners to build immersive and unique Virtual Reality experiences.


Our VR team is made up of a wide variety of talented individuals.  From user-experience, to machine learning and the sciences, we have a multidisciplinary team that is ready to meet your challenge.

Our VR Projects

We have a variety of recent projects in the Virtual Reality arena.  View some of our work below.

SportsAbility VR Park

Life Group VR

Malibu Sandbox

Innovation Hub at FSU (Phase 1)

Innovation Hub at FSU (Phase 2)

FAMU Marching 100 VR

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