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About Us

Learn about Covalent Reality

Who we are

We are a creative agency built from the ground up to dissolve virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D printing into something more. Our focus is on bringing dreams to life and our diverse portfolio reflects that. As a team, Covalent has experience in fields such as VR/AR application development, product prototyping, architectural visualization, VR multiplayer platform development, and so much more. We don’t believe in setting limits for ourselves or for our clients. 

“We deliver dreams.”

Our mission

We design & generate experiences that teach and inspire through immersive formats.  We empower our clients to experience their dreams in virtual and augmented environments.

How we work

Our team of designers, developers, engineers, and entrepreneurs believe in bringing dreams to reality and combining story telling with the future of technology. Whether it’s a VR/AR production or designing first of its kind applications, we focus on creating bonds between the client and our team so that the client’s vision is reflected throughout the entire process. 

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