Covalent Attends Reality Hack 2020 at MIT

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]During the MLK weekend, Thomas went to the MIT Reality Hack event in Boston. He experienced his first snowstorm, met some awesome people, tested some great XR (augmented/virtual reality technologies), and so much more. This event is going to change so much for Covalent. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make this event as amazing as it was.[/vc_column_text][vc_cta h2=”“I’ll never forget this moment!“”]”On-stage at the closing ceremony (Reality Hack 2020)… looking out at all of these amazing people, that will help shape spatial computing for the next decade. MIT has always been my dream institution and to get the opportunity to help them in any way was such a privilege. I hope I can continue to help their effort in the coming years and grow this amazing event even further!

Oh and Yes! I had to wear an FSU shirt… It was just too good of an opportunity to give a head-nod to the University that has supported me for so long. Special thanks to Ken Baldauf for bringing VR/AR/XR to FSU and standing behind me from the beginning! Of course, thank you friends and family and everyone who supported me on this adventure. I would not have had the confidence to go do this without your support!”

-Thomas Jackson, Founder and CEO of Covalent[/vc_cta][vc_column_text]If you have some time, check out some of the awesome things we saw in Boston in the video below! Though Thomas was very busy volunteering his time to enhance the experience of the event for everyone he could, he managed to grab some cool photos and videos that we think you’ll like as well. From snowy streets to phone-controlled phantoms, MIT Reality Hack gave us a a fantastic look into the future of education, gaming, and so much more!

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